Princess Power

The Cinderella Ball (tm) is hosted by nonprofit organizations in communities all over the country that work with children and their families. Once you register to attend the Ball, you will receive an invitation, which tells you all about the organization and gives you a list of items that you can bring as a donation.

At the dance, Cinderella will invite her princesses to join her in the “Princess Power Circle”. There, a staff member from the organization will thank the young girls for their generosity and explain how the donations will be used.

We invite each princess to bring a donation for this organization because we know that every individual can make a difference, but if your family chooses not to participate, that’s ok, too. Maybe you’ll find a way to help someone in your community another day!



"Charis House, a Christ-centered shelter for women and children, was honored to be chosen as the 'charity of choice' for this year's Cinderella Ball! The event was a fun evening for dads and their daughters and it promoted family values and the virtue of giving to others. Both of these strengths can make a huge impact on the children of our community!"


- Sherry Lawson
Dir. of Education
Charis House,
Fort Wayne, Indiana