Non Profit Fundraising Opportunities

If you are a nonprofit organization that works with children and their families, you can use the Cinderella Ball to raise funds for your organization with Royal Palace Productions’ detailed instruction manual and marketing guide.


Program fee for The Cinderella Ball is $750. The fee includes:

If your organization is interested in hosting the Cinderella Ball, please request a program application and agreement. You will complete the application and return it to the Royal Palace, along with a copy of the completed agreement and a $250 deposit. If your application is not approved, your deposit will be refunded to your organization within two weeks. If your organization is approved, a program contract will be mailed to you and your deposit will be applied to the balance of your fee. The fee is nonrefundable and due in full regardless of the proceeds generated from your event.



The Cinderella Ball is a powerful, fun-filled, family event which will grow in popularity and profits with each passing year. Your results will vary depending upon the commitment of the committee members you solicit to help you implement the program, the number of guests who attend, and the relationships you have with vendors in your community.


If you would like more information on bringing the Cinderella Ball to your community before you apply, please provide your name and contact information and a representative from Royal Palace Productions will contact you within 48 hours.


If you'd like to learn more about hosting a Cinderella Ball event in your community, please join us for a free webinar.






"Charis House, a Christ-centered shelter for women and children, was honored to be chosen as the 'charity of choice' for this year's Cinderella Ball! The event was a fun evening for dads and their daughters and it promoted family values and the virtue of giving to others. Both of these strengths can make a huge impact on the children of our community!"


- Sherry Lawson
Dir. of Education
Charis House,
Fort Wayne, Indiana